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10 out of 10


5 days ago

always there when needed

10 out of 10


12 days ago

Damian and Dan and Jamelle and Team including Heather

9 out of 10


13 days ago

service was great by both Bob and Kris

10 out of 10


28 days ago

Dan Marshal

9 out of 10


36 days ago

Quick Turnaround

10 out of 10


49 days ago

The gentleman on the call who helped me was excellent

8 out of 10


49 days ago

We would have liked to be rung to see if we wanted more RAM put on whilst you were in the server rather than having to do a whole new order.

10 out of 10


50 days ago

Daniel Felix; Respond in a very timely manner.

10 out of 10


55 days ago

Brett - He's legend!!!! Nothing was too hard for him to sort out my issue. If he didn't know answer, he went and got it and helped me through. Very nice fellow!!!

5 out of 10


63 days ago

The job isn't finished yet.

10 out of 10


72 days ago


10 out of 10


73 days ago

Bob, Rob, Daniel are all fantastic. Heather is great too.

10 out of 10


86 days ago

Brett Malmstrom

10 out of 10


91 days ago

The whole team

10 out of 10


93 days ago

Proactive partner Daniel performed a thorough inspection of my system, eliminated problematic issues and set up an ongoing monitoring system.

10 out of 10


104 days ago

Proactive always respond quickly and resolve issues with speed.

8 out of 10


104 days ago

For this particular request, it could be improved by giving me access to record and save messages on the phone. This experience was good, but a little clunky as we had to coordinate over two phones. Giving me access to the software would make the process much simpler.

10 out of 10

Bayside Family Medical

115 days ago

Dan Marshall

10 out of 10


121 days ago

Excellent communication & follow support is A1

10 out of 10


122 days ago

Daniel Felix. Has helped with this issue & with another issue with my son's computer.